So whats WordPress?

WordPress is the most customizable CMS platform available on the market today

You want it, its yours...........

The WordPress community is one of the biggest web developer community on the internet, this is what makes WordPress so great.  To date, there are over 27,000 plugins available for WordPress, which means if there is a feature you need on your website it’s going to be available.

Not only is there the features that make it so great, the designs and customizations that can be done on WordPress are incredible and it makes it possible for us to create stunning websites for our clients.

WordPress - Built with trust

There is many ways to build websites but WordPress is the most used and top-rated website builder on the market, not only does it give developers total flexibility it also allows our clients to be able to have access to the back end of the website and ability to make changes themselves if they choose.

Not only is it easy to use to make changes it is also very easy to run marketing campaigns and also connect all your social media pages to your website allowing a total streamlined solution.

Responsive Design

Websites are no longer just viewed on a desktop computer, 75% of all internet users browse either through their mobile phone or tablet.  All of our websites designed using WordPress are responsive to any device that is used, be it a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

The great thing is we can still give your customers the same great experience on your website regardless of what they are using.  When a customer visits your website it will look slightly different on each device used, this is to help make sure the website is always user-friendly and easy to view and navigate no matter how big or small the device they are using is.

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