Thought of having a website confusing you?

We have provided some answers to questions we get asked regularly, if you still have questions that are unanswered please feel free to get in touch with us

Iv seen online WordPress is free, why do i need to pay a developer to create my website?

Yes WordPress is a free open source software that anyone can set up, but setting up  WordPress to create a stunning, interactive and profitable website isnt as easy as you think.

We use premium (high cost) themes to create a website from the ground up, all of our websites are created so they are user-friendly, device compatible and search engine friendly.

How much does it cost to have my own website developed by WEBO Ninja?

Unfortunately, a website isn’t generally a set cost per website, all clients have different needs and this is why we prefer to have a chat with you first either via email or over the phone.

A lot of people think a website is going to cost a fortune, but by having a website built using WordPress allows us to charge a lot lower cost for a website, get in touch with us today and we asure you we wont shock you with a price.


I dont have time to manage a website, so whats the point in me having one?

This is where we come in…….. We don’t just create you a website and hand it over to you, we will continue to work with you for the foreseeable future to make sure you are always getting the best from your website.

Upon saying that if you prefer us to create you a website for you to manage yourself we can provide training on how to adjust content yourself and let you have full control of your site.

Iv had/have a Website before but it didn't help me get customers

A website isn’t just something that can be designed and posted to the internet in the hope someone finds you, it needs SEO (Search engine optimization) work done to allow search engines to find your website, it also needs to be designed to be user friendly for whatever device your customers are using be it a desktop computer, mobile phone or a tablet.  All of our websites are optimized to work across all devices and make it’s easy for customers to browse.

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